“Here, have a Shit Sandwich.” – Feeling all the things.

HOW ARE YOU?!  What are you feeling right now?

[Tired. Hungry. Stressed. Busy.]

Okay, but how are you feeeeeeeeeeling.  Set aside your physical self and dig a little deeper.  How are you really feeling?

[…ummmm…  I don’t think we have that much time.]

I understand.  I don’t have time to answer that question, either.  When someone asks me, “What are you feeling right now,” an honest answer would take an hour.

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The Body Image Project – “girly bits”

July 29.

Girly bits.

You know… girly bits.

Labia.  Vagina.  Clitoris.


Meat curtains.  Ham sandwich.  The Beaver.  The Wet Cave.  Poontang.  Hair Pie.  Box.  Bunny.  Cootch.  Cooter.  Lower Lips.  Muff.  Patch.  Jelly Roll.  Juice Box.  Treasure Chest.  Pink Taco.  Trench.  Split Tail.  Bird’s nest, homemade slit pie, pelt, Happy Valley, poke hole, love tunnel, Lady Jane.

(I could keep going, there are, like, a billion of them.)
(“NO, I’m not that well versed in girl part euphemisms.”  I had to look them up.)
(On a loosely related note, be careful when you search “female genitalia” online, the results are …violating.  I feel like I need to wash my eyes out with soap.)

(And before you freak out, “No.”  I’m not going to put a picture of my bits in this blog post.)

Of all the parts of the female anatomy, genitalia are the most female.  Duh, right?  It’s THE THING that makes us “girl.”  It’s the part that defines our womanhood, it’s the area of our body used to grow and deliver more people into the world.

Ironically enough, it is also the part we speak the least about, and the part that is hardest to look at and get to.

I bet I offended people just with that list of words up there, and I haven’t even really SAID anything yet.

Sad, right?

I could write volumes about the female genitalia and the impact it has on our lives.  VOLUMES.  We could talk about gender identity.  Or sexual empowerment.  We could talk about masturbation.  We could discuss the beauty of birth, the biological function and purpose of our labia (major and minor), how to get the most out of your vagina, or why you should be thankful for your clitoris in all its glory.  We could explore the ideas of sexuality, culture, marriage, shame, intimacy, hormones, menstruation, sexual development, rape, suffrage, discrimination, feminism, or female sexual response.

See, volumes.

We could write volumes and volumes on female genitalia, because each of the issues above is linked to and triggered by the presence of girly bits.  When I say “let’s talk about girl parts,” we really could go anywhere with the conversation and still be within the confines of the topic at hand.

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