Giving Up The Binge – Finding Self-Respect

A bulimic giving up binging is a big deal.

I can’t speak for every bulimic out there, but for me this is a REALLY big deal.

This is like alcoholics giving up the booze.  Or drug addicts giving up their favorite way to turn off the world.  This is like hoarders emptying out of their house all their things and sending them to the dump, a religious extremist giving up their Bible, a doomsday prepper giving away the keys to their bunker, a social-hermit-agoraphobic throwing open all their doors and windows and walking out to join the circus.

This is like a child giving away their very favorite, passionately loved, had-it-since-in-the-womb blanket.

Giving up the binge for me is like all of that put together.

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