Accountability and Parenting – Get Up and Make an Impact

Yesterday my older son was scheduled for kindergarten screening.  We piled in the car and headed to the elementary school, siblings in tow.

After brief introductions and an explanation of the process, the soon-to-be kindergarteners were whisked away to the testing room.  Parents were left to finish paperwork, read information on the school policies, sign consent forms, and wait.  And wait, and wait.

Many of the other parents had siblings with them also, some younger and some older.  Force-of-habit head count came up with ten kids altogether.

Some of those kids were more of a handful than others.
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Parenting Isn’t Perfect – Making Mistakes as a Mom

Today was a fun day for the kids.  Today was DENTIST day.

The dentist office we go to is AWESOME, complete with cartoons and movies and a play structure better than most public malls.  Like most days that we visit the dentist, the play place was packed full.  I counted five families and at least twelve kids.

I was sitting on one side of the VERY large room with my nose in a book, waiting for the hygienist to call the kids back for their checkups.  Mace and Norah were in normal busy-busy-busy mode, running and climbing and jumping off the tallest toy to my right.  Wulf was playing on the other side of the room on the other side of a large pillar.  I couldn’t see him from where I was sitting.

Suddenly in a very loud voice from across the room an older man yelled, “HEY YOU, you in the black shirt, HEY YOU.” I looked up thinking “WTF, buddy.”  As I glanced around to see where the noise was coming from I met his eye, realized he was talking to ME, and he said “Is this your kid?”
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