Find Your Depth.


Find Your Depth.

Welcome to Depth!

Depth is a 12 week program designed to change your life.  It is a program formed out of experience and error, trial and tribulation, success and victory.  A lot of objective study and grisly field research (crying and laughing and crying some more) has gone into this program.

I can say with all confidence that if you work the program as it is designed, it is impossible to fail.

At the end of the twelve weeks, you will have:

  • a clear idea of who you are, and who you are not
  • an amazing understanding of yourself
  • the ability to recognize how freaking amazing you are
  • joy in your strengths and confidence in your abilities
  • a better understanding of those closest to you
  • a support system for the person you’ve become
  • the ability to identify haters, and a set of tools to help you remove them from your life
  • a set of tools to ensure your continued progress in life, love, health, relationships, business, home, work, and family

When you sign up for Depth, your program is yours.  Your program is custom designed to fit you and only you.  It is said that you cannot get the best results from every person based on a checklist, and this is true… no two people are alike, so no two people will find the same benefit from a cookie-cutter program.  Each program is made up of conversation, worksheets, activities, and challenges, and each piece of every program is tailored to fit your personal goals, needs, beliefs, and obstacles.

When you sign up for Depth, I am also yours.  For twelve weeks and beyond, we work together to turn your dream life into reality.

Before we work together, there are a few things I want you to understand.  Take these things to heart.

  • No matter how big or how small, you have my complete confidence.  What is said in our sessions remains in our sessions.  (Like Vegas, only different.)  Worthy relationships are built on trust, and I want you to know that you can trust me completely.  I am your vault.
  • No matter how ugly or stained, there is nothing you can possibly say that will shock, disgust, or rattle me.   There is nothing that you’ve done or that has been done to you that will make me think less of you, love you less, respect you less, or treat you differently.   As I said before, this program is based on “field research.”  In other words, I’ve been-there-done-that, and then done it some more.  From addiction to abuse, depression to aggression, self-destruction to self-worth, sex to love, I’ve been on both sides of almost every possible human experience.  Your dirty laundry will look just fine hanging on the line with mine, so bring it up and air it out.
  • There is only one judge in your life, and it isn’t me.  You will get no judgment from me, ever.  You should get no judgment from anyone, ever.
  • There are times when you will feel I’m being hard on you.  You will be right.  I will be loving, kind, patient, and as gentle as possible, but I will also be action oriented.  Without action there is no change, and change is what we’re after.  Action requires motivation and movement, and I will push you to those things.
  • THIS PROGRAM WILL BE HARD.  We will talk about things you don’t want to talk about.  We will address aspects of your current reality that you otherwise intentionally avoid.  It will hurt sometimes.  You will cry.  You will grieve.  You will struggle, question, doubt, bargain, and rage.  WHEN YOU FEEL THESE THINGS, IT MEANS THE PROGRAM IS WORKING.  There is a very real grieving process involved with growth and change, and as we work through that grief you will feel a slew of emotions that sometimes leave you breathless.  Just keep going.  As we work through you will not be alone, and you will not be abandoned.  We will get through it together.

Often times our lives are not really as problematic as we might think, but our perspective keeps us from seeing the true nature of things.  I am a Perception Coach, a Personal Development Trainer, an outside observer, a Forger of Depth, and an Action Funnel.  Much like an air traffic controller that can see the big picture and then direct airplanes to land safely, I am here to provide you with a big picture perspective and a clear set of actions that will get you where you want to go.  I want nothing more than to give you what you need to be successful, and for you to get out of your life as much as you desire.  LIFE IS SO SHORT, it is a shame for any of us to waste any of it.  If every minute of your life was filled with purpose and intention and LIFE, how amazing would that feel?!  This program is designed to help you get that.  To FEEL that, not because we’ve put a bandaid on your life, but because we’ve changed it.

In this program, we will Forge Depth.

forge (v):

  1. to form by heating and hammering
  2. to beat into shape
  3. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort
  4. to move ahead slowly, progress steadily
  5. to move ahead with increased speed and effectiveness
  6. to move at a steady and persevering pace
  7. to increase speed

depth (n):

  1. a dimension taken through an object or body, usually downward from an upper surface, inward from an outer surface, or from top to bottom of something regarded as one of several layers
  2. the quality of being deep
  3. complexity or obscurity
  4. gravity, seriousness
  5. emotional profundity
  6. intensity
  7. extensively or thoroughly
  8. beyond one’s current knowledge or capability

Forging Depth is not an easy process.  Nor is it a quick fix, or a fast change.  By its very definition it involves effort.  Heating and hammering.  Beating things into shape.  If you’ve ever watched a blacksmith make a sword, it is an intense, physical, draining process.  The sword is heated intensely, banged on for a long time, cooled off to rest, then the process is repeated.  Over and over, because the more it is forged, the stronger and sharper the end product.

Forging is the process we will use to change your life.

Heat.  Pressure.  Serious, concentrated attention, focused, purposeful action.  Cool off, rest.  Repeat.

Before you feel afraid or intimidated, it is going to be hard, but I promise it will be bearable.  No matter how hard things get, no matter how hard or intensely we have to push through a process, you will always get a break.  You will always have a cooling down phase, and a time to heal and rest.  Rest, respite, refuge, peace, and being present are also a part of this process, and you will get plenty of these things.

The 12 week Depth program includes the following:

  • Up to 12 custom worksheets, each designed to meet you where you’re at, provide you with the tools you need to make progress, walk you through to the next step, and find a bit of understanding and closure.
  • One phone call per week, one hour in length, from me to you, at which time we can discuss your life, your progress, and your current efforts
  • As much of my twenty years of leadership development experience and thirty years of perspective as I can give you over the duration of the program
  • My personal reading list, catered to your specific needs,  for continued studies after the course is concluded
  • Unlimited text and email access to me for the duration of your program

Here is my promise to you.

With this program:

  • you will be a more authentic and accurate version of what you are meant to be, and you will have what you need in order to let go of every other version of yourself.
  • you will be a better mother, lover, parent, wife, employee, sister, friend.
  • you will love without fear, parent with confidence, give of yourself securely, and support the ones you love with strength and poise.
  • you will have changed the one relationship most dear to you and made it better.  Deeper.  More real, more intentional, and more honest.
  • you will have me in your corner, rooting for you and guiding you in whatever way you need.

I am so, so excited to work with you.  It is my deepest desire that you find your Greatness in yourself, that you grow completely into the person you are meant to be, and that you use that person to conquer the world you’ve created.

We are all amazing masterpieces, capable of achieving so much.  I sincerely aspire to help you find your way, to give you a light for the path at your feet, and to empower you to take those first steps.

Let’s work together to make something wonderful!

To sign up for this program, click here.  Time to commit to yourself, and invest in YOU.  Program cost is $994 for 12 weeks.

Depth 2016



Interested in the program, but not excited to pay for it all at once?  To sign up for the program and pay in installment, click below. Pay in four parts, the first only $174.

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Still have some concerns?  I can hear you now.


[“I don’t want help.  I don’t NEED help.  I might have problems, but I don’t want help.  I can do this myself, I shouldn’t need the help, and if I DO need help I should struggle through on my own as punishment.  NO HELP.”]

Completely understandable.  If you don’t want help, don’t sign up.  If you feel your life is going just as it should be, if you feel that you’ll be just fine on your own, if you’re stubborn and capable and strong and tenacious and “I CAN DO IT MYSELF,” for sure don’t sign up.  I am all of those things too, I refused help and struggled through for a long, long time, and I was confident that I didn’t need any help at all ever.  NO HELP.  “I can do it myself.”


If you feel like you don’t want help, I would ask you this:  “How has “not taking help” worked out for you so far?”  Are you happy?  Are you unburdened?  Is the trajectory of your life exactly as it should be?  Are you “congruent?”  Are all the pieces of your life in balance, lined up, and productive?

In my case, “not taking help” felt good, but it helped me not at all.  Sure, I was independent.  I was self-reliant.  I was never let down, never had to wait for someone else to make a decision, never betrayed.

I was also never encouraged.

I was never uplifted, challenged, empowered, listened to, reassured, nudged, consoled, held, or pushed.

And, as horrible as it might sound to some, I thought that the miserable life I lived was earned and deserved, and the suffering I felt was punishment for my lack of ability to cope and grow.

It wasn’t.  No one deserves that.

DO YOU HEAR ME?  YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO SUFFER, even if it is at your own hand.  Especially at your own hand.  You deserve joy, and you can earn a life of Greatness.

Help is not just good, it is vital.  Everyone needs a Flying Buttress.


[“Okay, so maybe I need help, but I don’t WANT to need the help.  I don’t feel like I SHOULD need the help.  There are so many people worse off than I am, I’d probably just be wasting my time.  Or wasting YOUR time.  Or wasting MONEY.”]

No one wants to need help.  We fee like we should do all the things ourselves.  And mostly we can, BUT.

Even when things ARE going well, they could be better.  There’s always room to grow.  There’s always another mountain to climb.  No matter where you’re at, in the pit or at the pinnacle, we can always go farther.  The beauty of an outside perspective is that it can often see what we cannot.  We’re too close, and so we’re blind.  Like a soldier in a trench, we can’t see the scope of the whole war.  We can only see the mess we’re standing in, and an outside perspective helps us to identify the next challenge.

No one feels they SHOULD get help.  I am a classic “do it myself-er.”  I didn’t like getting help.  Unfortunately, my refusal to ask for and accept help kept me isolated and alone, sick and unhappy, broken and in the dark.  Accepting help does not make us weak, it makes us better.

There is no such thing as waste, whether of time or money, when we are on a quest to improve ourselves.  In fact, self-improvement is the OPPOSITE of waste.  It is one of the only uses for time and money that is completely positive and productive.


[“Well, okay.  It sounds great, I suppose I could use the help, but trusting a stranger?  That’s weird.  I barely trust my family.”]

True.  Trust is hard, and I haven’t really earned it just yet.  That’s fair.  But I WANT to earn it, and I believe I can.

Also, I am not your family, and that’s a good thing.  The difference between me and family is that I have no stake.  I’m here, you’re there.  I’m separate.  I don’t live with you.  I won’t be at your next family gathering, and even if I was, what we talk about is completely private.  No one but you and I will ever know what we talk about, unless you choose to share it.  The heavy, ugly, private things you carry around with you, the stuff you don’t want anyone to know about, you keep that stuff to yourself and away from your family because “they’ll look at me differently, and they’ll think less of me.”

I won’t do that.  I would never.  Not just because “I’ve probably been there too” (check my bio, scroll down a bit to the “about” section), but because I flourish when I help shoulder the burden of others.  It’s a gift, and I take delight in the ability to help.

And, as far as trust goes, sign up for a free consult.  We’ll talk once, no cost to you, and if you don’t feel we mesh well, if you feel creeped out, or if you really just don’t think you can let go and open up, no harm done.  At least you’ll have tried, and that’s huge.


[“Mkay, but almost $1000 for coaching?  That’s a lot of money for just 12 weeks.  I know of a lot of other programs that charge that much for 6 months worth of work.”]

Yes, I do too.  The difference between them and us, is, we accomplish in 12 weeks what most other programs accomplish in a year.

Most 12 week programs involve one phone call every other week, and provide very generic, cookie-cutter content.  Depth offers one phone call EVERY week, and a completely custom, meet-you-where-you-are, individual program.  In other words, we accomplish in 3 months with conversation alone what other programs barely pull off in 6.

I’m sure there are reasons why other trainers and coaches opt for every-other-week consult with their clients.  Sometimes the client needs a bit of time between calls to get big stuff done.  Sometimes the coaching is for business and professional progress, and it takes more than a few days in between calls to make headway.  Sometimes the coach spreads out the calls in order to double their client count, make more money, and spend the same amount of time on each person, just less frequently.

I choose to do things a bit differently.

In my 20-odd years of experience as manager and leader, I have found that a super intense, massively active, momentum building, keep-on-top-of-things approach produces the most significant results.  When I worked in a corporate setting I arranged to have sit down meetings with my employees every week, for about an hour at a time, in order to ensure their personal and professional development.  They took their development only as seriously as I did, and by committing my time to them every single week, they made great strides very quickly.

I guarantee you, if you’re willing to pay for it, you will find what you’re looking for.  Everything comes at a price… is this price worth the rest of your life?

I think so.

ALSO THIS:  When it comes to your personal development, no one will take it as seriously as I do, because that’s my job.  I will not allow you to slack, I will not allow you to waste your time and money, and once I’m in your corner I will not allow you to waste your life.  I have spent years developing people to be the best they can be for whatever task is set before them, and I have never one time failed to make someone better.  I won’t LET you fail.  Once we’re on the same team, I’ve got your back.  Always.


[“What if I pay the money and the whole experience sucks?  If I don’t get anything out of the program, I’m sunk.”]

I can understand that concern.  “I’ve screwed up everything else in my life, how will this be any different?”

To answer your question, this WILL NOT be a waste of time, and I will not let you get nothing out of it.  You may feel as though you’ve failed before, but maybe it’s because I wasn’t there to push you.

With your concern of “is this going to work” in mind, I have created a trial version of the program.  For $150, the price of one and a half sessions, you will get two weeks worth of custom worksheets and two, one hour phone calls.  If at the end of the trial you feel you want to keep going, your trial fee will roll over into the cost of the program and all that will be left is to pay the difference (either all at once or in installments).  If you complete the trial and it’s not worth it to continue, we stop.  No extra payments, no extra time, no harm done, no hurt feelings.

To purchase a two week trial, click this link.

Winter 2015




[“But COACHING?  Really?  That just seems so weird.  It makes me think of cheerleaders and pompoms and Stewart Smalley.  It feels dorky to say “I have a coach.”  What will people think of that?”]

First. people won’t know unless you tell them.  Most of my clients keep our work confidential and private.

Second, I KNOW, RIGHT?!  “Coaching?  REALLY?”

Since I started this business, I have struggled with the word “coaching.”  I have a coach myself, a couple in fact, and even though they have changed me and molded me into the person I am right now, I still have a hard time saying “I have a coach.”  It feels dorky.  And “Wow, like you can’t figure this out yourself?  You’re paying someone to help you.  You’re paying someone to be your friend.  Lame.”

It’s totally not like that.

Instead of “coach,” we could use the word trainer.  Or counselor.  Or tutor.  OOH YEAH, that last one is a good one.  “I have a perspective tutor.”

And even if we DO use the word “coach,” I have to remind myself of the coaches I’ve had in the past.  One in particular comes to mind, the coach that led my high school basketball team to the National AAU Championships in 1994.  He was amazing.  Passionate.  Kind.  Trustworthy.  FULL of integrity.  Confident.  He was always shouting, but not in a bad way.  He’d yell words of encouragement and power as he walked us through practices, directed drills, and cultivated fundamentals until we knew the game like the back of our hands, and until were adequately prepared to win.

And we DID win.  We made it to Nationals.

We won because of us, but we also won because of him.

My coach was my coach not because I paid him to be there, not because my dues paid to the team made him care, but because he cared about me.  And he cared about the team, and he lived his life for the game.

I live myself for THIS game.  To develop people.  To find Depth and beauty in all things.  To provide perspective, and to seek truth.

When you think of it that way, “Coach” doesn’t sound so bad.  This program is designed like a basketball play, like a piece of sheet music for a musician, like a lesson plan for a classroom, like a map for a traveler, and I will walk you through it like a coach-conductor-teacher-GPS, so that you can get where you want to go, and so that when you DO get there (because you will), you are prepared to win.


[“Alright, you’ve pretty much convinced me that this is a good idea, but I’m still on the fence.  Are you any good at this?  Is this worth my time?  Will it actually help?  I need to know this will benefit me, because I’m JUST SO TIRED OF LIVING LIKE THIS.”

I completely understand.  To assure you that I’m not just some joe-schmoe, wanna-be, pusher-of-false-hope, crazy witch doctor, peddling turpentine like medicine to trick you out of your money, here’s what some other people have had to say.

“Confession: the last half of 2014 was a pretty rough time for me.  An important personal and professional relationship fell apart, causing a great deal of heartache and self doubt.  I knew it was up to me to pick up the pieces and move forward, and I did that, but the doubts lingered.  You know those conversations that change the course of your life?  The ones that shake things up and force you to look at the past in a brand new way so you are able to focus on the present and look forward to the future?  I had one of those a couple of weeks ago with my friend Erin Laurvick from PUSH.  She helped me see past the ugly details and circumstances surrounding this “break-up”, accept my part in them, and identify the tools I have in my own arsenal to move past it.  She is incredibly open, accepting, giving, and compassionate.  A true empath.  If you have every felt the need to be seen, loved, and accepted not despite of your stains, but because of them, I encourage you to reach out and speak to her as well. ”  ~ A.M.

“Much like my personal trainer helped me realize my physical potential, you are helping me find myself. I’m not as afraid and I’m learning to love me.”  ~ S.O.

“Erin!  I have to tell you, I thought you were crazy when you told told me that it would be very difficult to write those letters…  yeah you were right!!  You made me think… a lot, and how to be better than what I am!  I just wanted to let you know how right you were and how much you touched me…  THANK YOU!  You ROCK!”  ~ K.D.

“Whew!   There is a lot of meat in this worksheet!”  ~ K.B.

“When I spoke with you, it just felt so nice to hear “honey, you are normal.”  It is a huge relief to feel like you belong, even from a stranger!  Thank you, Erin!”  ~ A.G.

“Thank you Erin for all that you have done for me.  It’s been so refreshing having you as a support.”  ~ K.I.

Still not convinced?  Sign up for a free consult, and check for yourself.  See what it feels like first hand to be put first, listened to, and understood.  What have you got to lose?


To learn more about this program, ask any questions, or learn more about my experiences and the success others have found, use this link to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.  Or email me here, or call me on my cell at 509.949.1419.  (If I don’t answer my cell phone, it’s not personal.  I’m either sleeping, cooking, driving kids around, or on the phone with another wonderful client.  I will give you a call back asap, at least within 12 hours.  Promise.)

Seating for this program is limited.  As much as I would love to work with every person, due to the intensity and focus required for each, individual program, I am limited to work with only six people at a time.  Secure yours soon!

I am so excited to get to know you, and I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to work with you.  See you in the Deep!



Depth 2016